Jillian Schnaudigel, '21 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:38PM
Jillian introduces us to a new series from the Equity & Justice Center called "My Diversity Story," and she starts with her story about suffering from an invisible illness.
Lily Newman, '21 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:38PM
Lily pays tribute to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away a week ago at the age of 87.
Isabel Allo, '22 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:37PM
Isabel is one of the Wooster students who opted for online learning this fall. She tells us what it like to be a distance learner while others are on campus.
Molly Clark, '23 & Khamya Christodonte, '21 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:37PM
Are you in a Fantasy Football league? Molly and Khamya found out who's in them, and how their players did this week.
Katelyn Fox, '23, & Katherine Breen, '23 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:35PM
We had a lot of free time over these past several months. Katelyn and Katherine asked people what new hobbies they may have picked up.
Ali Lopes, '21 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:34PM
Ali tells us what volleyball looks like this season, and introduces us to the captains.
Cole Breen, '22 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:34PM
As we get closer to the Vice Presidential Debate, Cole is going to profile both VP candidates. This week, he continues with the current Vice President, Mike Pence.
Darby Drahzal, '21, & Presley Damiano, '23 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:34PM
The girls soccer team elected their captains this week. Presley and Darby introduce us to them.
Max Rainville, '23, Chris Lopes, '23 & Eian Cushnie, '23 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:34PM
Eian, Chris and Max tell us what the boys' soccer season looks like without games.
Sophia Rodriguez, '22 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:33PM
We have some new members of the junior class this year, and Sophia introduces us to a few of them: Bella, Haley, and Benedicta.
Leela Choudhury, '23 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:22PM
Leela introduces us to new Humanities II teacher Corrie Herrmann.
Jackie Shen, '21 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:21PM
Jackie shares with us what it was like to hear the news that his school - Chase Collegiate - was closing just before his senior year was to begin.
Izzy Gagnon, '24; Olivia Peck, '24; & Grace Young, '24 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:21PM
Now that the NFL season is underway, we wanted to find out which teams the Generals are supporting.
Amelia Vail, '24, & Grace Young, '24 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:20PM
Wondering how to update your homescreen after the new iOS update? And what about the widgets? Grace and Amelia are here to help you!
Alice Purkiss, '21 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:20PM
This week, Alice shares her thoughts on the poem 'No Man is an Island' by John Donne.
Vladimir Schwindeman-Romano, '22 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:20PM
Did you know that people can now take a flight to nowhere? People who miss flying, but just want to fly for the sake of flying are taking advantage of this new option. Vlad tells us more.
Ioanna Aspras, '23 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:19PM
Ioanna updates us on the past two weeks Premier League match-ups.
Kieran Greeley, '22, & Lorenzo Rossi, '23 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:19PM
It's 2-1 in the Stanley Cup Final right now. Lorenzo and Kieran tell us about the first three games between Dallas and Tampa, and they share their predictions on who will win the Cup.
Joey Everett, '22 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:19PM
Joey talks about, your guessed it - cereal - and shares some pretty strong opinions about certain brands.
Marcus Dupree, '22 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:19PM
We are only heading into Week 3, and already the NFL has lost several of its best players to injury. Marcus tells us more.
Colin Fortson, '22 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:18PM
Colin and his family are avid skiers, so as we get closer to ski season during COVID, he tells us a bit of what it might look like.
Sophia Cilento, '23 - Posted 09/25/2020 03:18PM
This week's Real Snapple Fact #5: Camels have three eyelids...? Sophia tells us more.
Matt Hoekenga, '23, & Ava Honeycutt, '24 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:37PM
Humanities in the Gym? Journalism in the Chapel? Matt and Ava show us how Wooster changed spaces and classrooms to allow for social distancing.
Lily Newman, '21 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:36PM
Every Wooster school year officially kicks off with Convocation. While it looked a bit different this morning, it was still an important celebration for the Class of 2021.
Cece Purkiss, '23, Katherine Breen, '23, & Sloane Fleming, '23 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:36PM
In keeping their tradition of "Whose...?" videos, this time they ask the very timely question: "Whose Mask?"

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