Katherine Breen, '23; & Presley Damiano, '23 - Posted 06/03/2022 02:39PM
It's the final week of WiNK for the school year, so Katherine and Presley share one last video with us. Happy (Almost) Summer!
Ioanna Aspras, '23 - Posted 06/03/2022 01:07PM
A few months ago, Ioanna decided to start a long-term WiNK project about music and its impact and influence on people (specifically, her teachers). This week, she shares her final thoughts on the common themes and takeaways from her interviews.
Ava Cilento, '25; & Charlotte Purkiss, '25 - Posted 06/03/2022 01:07PM
There are several students on Wooster's campus whose parents are faculty/staff members. In their final video for WiNK this year, Charlotte and Ava ask if you know which student goes with which parent.
Marley Dixon, '25; & Melissa Rainville, '25 - Posted 06/03/2022 01:07PM
In our final issue of WiNK this year, Marley and Melissa highlight some of the big moments that took place during the third trimester.
Katelyn Fox, '23; Sophia Cilento, '23; & Hannah Breen, '23 - Posted 06/03/2022 01:07PM
On Tuesday, the seniors will return to campus to share how they spent the past five weeks, and what they did for their Senior Independent Study (SIS). Our Archives team tells us more about the history behind SIS and how it has evolved over the years.
Center for Equity & Justice - Posted 06/03/2022 01:06PM
Student Leaders of the EJC have curated several opportunities for service learning, volunteerism, internship, education, social connection and more -- all with a social justice and equity lens. We hope that you find something that you can get involved with during the summer.
Austin Etzbach, '25 - Posted 06/03/2022 01:06PM
In his final WiNK article this year, Austin interviewed Mr. Kendis, who will be embarking on a new adventure and moving to Bolivia after this school year with his family.
Molly Sullivan, '25 - Posted 06/03/2022 01:05PM
Social media has its benefits, and its downsides. Molly shares her thoughts on both the good and the bad of social media.
Anica Diaz, '24 - Posted 06/03/2022 01:05PM
Teachers are also looking forward to summer vacation, and some have some really exciting plans. Anica interviewed her teachers what they'll do this summer.
Zoe Hurwitz, '24, & Morgan Boxer, '24 - Posted 06/03/2022 01:05PM
Just in time for their final WiNK quiz of the year, they ran out of free quizzes through the site they were using, so instead, they interviewed our three Breens from the Class of 2023 (Katherine, Kate and Hannah) and you can still find out which one you are most like!
Simone Prodoti, '24; & Alexa Domiguez, '24 - Posted 06/03/2022 01:04PM
As school winds down, Alexa and Simone asked students what they have planned for their summer break.
Dillon Solomon, '25 - Posted 06/03/2022 01:03PM
On Monday, the University of Maryland Men's Lacrosse team beat Cornell for the national championship, in a game played in East Hartford. Dillon tells us more about the finals.
Lillie Shipman, '22; & Bella Brown, '22 - Posted 05/27/2022 03:11PM
During Senior Send-Off, the 2022 Yearbook dedication was revealed to the crowd. As yearbooks were handed out on campus this week, we wanted to share the dedication with WiNK readers as well.
Molly Clark, '23 - Posted 05/27/2022 03:06PM
As we all know by now, there was another school shooting this week, this time at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Molly tells us more, and shares her thoughts and frustration regarding these incidents.
Cece Purkiss, '23; Elise Newman, '23; Molly Clark, '23; & Sloane Fleming, '23 - Posted 05/27/2022 03:06PM
Cece, Elise, Molly, and Elise are in WiNK and are members of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team, and now, they vlogged the final week of the season.
Ioanna Aspras, '23 - Posted 05/27/2022 03:06PM
A few months ago, Ioanna decided to start a long-term WiNK project about music and its impact and influence on people (specifically, her teachers). This week, she shares four more of her teacher interviews: Mr. Hutchins, Mr. Pannone, Ms. Thaler, and Mr. Sacco.
Teddy Porter, '25; & Jack Foster, '25 - Posted 05/27/2022 03:05PM
Tomorrow Liverpool and Real Madrid will face each other in the Champions League final. Teddy and Jack tell us more about the match-up and share their predictions.
Evan Bourgeault, '23 - Posted 05/27/2022 03:05PM
Evan has been working towards becoming EMT certified, which is not an easy process. Here, he tells us what he's had to do so far.
Charlotte Purkiss, '25 - Posted 05/27/2022 03:05PM
Charlotte tells us about the history of sports drinks and like Gatorade, and the pros and cons of these drinks, especially the new "zero calorie" versions.
Maya Wood, '24 - Posted 05/27/2022 03:04PM
Maya introduces us to Wooster's Soccer Club, which was started this spring by Eian and Presley.
Ava Cilento, '25; & Charlotte Purkiss, '25 - Posted 05/20/2022 03:35PM
As we wind down on the spring sports season, Ava and Charlotte ask if you can identify these boys and girls lacrosse players by their jersey #'s.
Ioanna Aspras, '23 - Posted 05/20/2022 03:35PM
A few months ago, Ioanna decided to start a long-term WiNK project about music and its impact and influence on people (specifically, her teachers). This week, she shares four more of her teacher interviews: Dr. Sullivan, Mr. Rexford, Mr. Wolfson, and Ms. Herrmann.
Katherine Breen, '23; & Presley Damiano, '23 - Posted 05/20/2022 03:35PM
If you are on Wooster's campus, in the classrooms, or on an athletic field or rink, chances are you have met "Mr. Mike." Katherine and Presley tell us more about Mike DiRienzo, a new member of the Wooster community, who seems to do it all.
Katelyn Fox, '23; Sophia Cilento, '23; & Hannah Breen, '23 - Posted 05/20/2022 03:34PM
As our spring teams either are competing in or already have been the HVAL tournament this week, Hannah, Katelyn and Sophia explain what the HVAL is and Wooster's history in the league.
Brayan Tenesaca, '24; & Ryan Lincoln, 24 - Posted 05/20/2022 03:33PM
This week in their stock market report, Brayan and Ryan changed things up by interviewing middle school teacher Mr. S'Chevalier about his experience with investing, and he shares a few tips too.

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