The NFL Playoffs: Predictions
Posted 01/13/2023 01:44PM

NFL Playoff Predictions

by: Sean Jakobson & Ronan O'Holloran

This week Ronan and Sean are predicting what will happen in the 2023 NFL Playoffs.


NFC Wild Card -49ers 13 - 4 (2) Vs. Seahawks 9-8 (7) Saturday, 4:30pm

The first game is 49ers Vs. Seahawks. The 7th seed Seahawks, in our opinion, are a joke led by Geno Smith. The Seahawks will lose to the 49ers, Vegas have the 49ers as 10 point favorites. The 49ers could have a Stop and Shop cashier play quarterback and he will still throw two touchdowns and throw for 200 yards. Brock Purdy will follow those stats, but Christian McCaffrey (CMC) will get 2 rushing touchdowns and a reception touchdown. CMC will receive for 100 yards and rush 90 yards. 49ers 28, Seahawks 14.

AFC Wild Card- Jaguars 9 - 8 (4) Vs. LA Chargers 10-7 (5) Saturday, 8:15 pm

The second wild card game on Saturday is the Jags against the Chargers, with the Chargers being favored by -1. This game has the potential to be the best wild card game this year. I (Ronan) think that Trevor Lawrence will be the better quarterback, throwing for 275 yards, 2 passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown in a 28-24 win over the Chargers.

AFC Wild Card- Dolphins 9-8 (7) Vs. Bills 13-3 (2) Sunday, 1:00pm

This is another game that can either be great, or like the College Finals we just witnessed earlier this week. The Dolphins, like their NFC counterpart Seahawks, are not looking too good, ending the season 1-5 in their last six. Without Tua playing, this game could go bad and this game is being held in Orchard Park which will give the Bills an advantage.Teddy Bridgewater being under pressure all game will throw for 150 yards 1 touchdown and 2 picks. The Bills are 10.5 point favorites the final will be Bills 31 Dolphins 17.

NFC Wild Card- Giants 9-7-1 (6) Vs. Vikings 13-4 (3), Sunday, 4:30pm

The second NFC wild card game is the Giants Vs. Vikings with the Vikings being -1 point favorites. This game could be another very good matchup with the Vikings being the better team but with the Giants having amazing coaching and a very solid defense. I (Ronan) have the Giants winning in a low scoring game 21-17 with Daniel Jones throwing for 175 yards 1 touchdown and 1 interception and Saquon going for a monster game with 120 yards and 2 touchdowns.

AFC Wild Card- Ravens 10-7 (6) Vs. Bengals 12-4 (3), Sunday, 8:15pm

A rematch of last week's game with a question mark still over Lamar, the Bengals look to steamroll the Ravens once again, especially if Huntley is playing QB. The Bengals being -6.5 point favorites. There is not much left to say except we do not want to see Anthony Brown in the playoffs. Joe Burrow will have a nice day throwing around 300 yards 3 touchdowns and a pick. Ja'Marr Chase will go for 7 receptions 90 yards and one touchdown. Bengals 31 Ravens 14

NFC Wild Card- Cowboys 12-5 (5) Vs. Buccaneers 8-9 (4), Monday, 8:15pm

The last game of the wild card round has the Buccaneers facing the Cowboys at 8:15 on a Monday. With the Cowboys coming off of a poor performance against the Commanders in Week 18, they are looking to have a bounce back game. I think that the Cowboys will soundly defeat the Bucs 41-21 with Dak Prescott throwing for 300 yards and 3 TDs.


The way we shake it is.....

NFC Divisional- Eagles 14-3 (1) Vs. Giants 9-7-1 (6)

A week 18 rematch between two divisional rivals...The Eagles dominated the Giants the first time they played, with a final score of 48-22 Eagles. The Eagles were able to run all over the Giants defense. This time around the Giants will fall to the Eagles again 28-17. Saquan will still run for 90 yards and a touchdown. Jalen Hurts will throw for 200 yards and run and throw a touchdown.

AFC Divisional- Chiefs 14-3 (1) Vs. Jaguars 9-8 (4)

The Chiefs will be playing a major underdog team, the Jags, who will be coming off a hot win in DUVAL county. The Chiefs have had a streak of games where it seems like they're going to put teams away and then make it close, almost losing to teams like the Texans, Colts, and the Raiders. Still, the Chiefs will scrap a win with a tight 24-21 final over the Jags. Pat Mahomes will throw for a smooth 240 yards and a touchdown and 1 pick, Kelce will receive a touchdown and get more than 70 yards. Lastly Travis Entienne will have a great game rushing for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns having a monster game.

NFC Divisional- Cowboys 12-5 (5) Vs. 49ers 13-4 (2)

The #2 seed 49ers will be playing a shaky and unpredictable Cowboys team in the divisional round of the playoffs and it will be a very good game. The 49ers will come out on top though with a 34-28 win over the Cowboys. Brock Purdy will have a great game throwing for 275 yards and 2 touchdowns and Dak throwing for 200 two TDs and a pick.

AFC Divisional- Bengals 12-4 (3) Vs. Bills 13-3 (2)

This game was highly anticipated with the last one being canceled.

The Bengals have been on a 8 game win streak. Playing better than last year's Super Bowl team. The Bills who have been through so much with the Damar Hamlin incident. These two teams will give us a very exciting game. Joe Burrow will throw for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. Josh Allen will throw 250 yards 2 touchdowns and rush for one touchdown.

Ja'Marr Chase will get a monster game 110 yards and 2 touchdowns. Bengals 38 Bills 35.


NFC Championship- Eagles 14-3 (1) Vs. 49ers 14-3 (2)

The Eagles have had an easy schedule to the road to the NFC Championship going 8-0 at the beginning of the season. The 49ers who have had a wild year starting Trey Lance losing to the Bears, then Jimmy Garoppalo getting injured then for the last four games they bring in Brock Purdy, who plays great and leads them to the Championship. CMC will get 200 total yards

and 1 touchdown. Jalen Hurts will throw 270 yards and 1 touchdowns, but the 49ers will win


AFC Championship- Bengals 12-4 (3) Vs. Chiefs 14-3 (1)

The two best teams in the AFC will battle it out in a rematch of last year's AFC championship game. It will be a very exciting game with two of the best Quarterbacks in the league each having amazing seasons. We think that Patrick Mahomes will throw for 275 yards 3 tds and no picks and Joe Burrow will go for 250 2 tds and a pick. We think the Chiefs will win in overtime with a field goal and the final score being 34-31


SUPER BOWL- 49ers 14-3 (2) Vs. Chiefs 14-3 (1)

The Big game, the Super Bowl, will be a rematch of Super Bowl 54, but the game will be much better. The 49ers have a tough defense that can put any team away. The Chiefs have so many weapons on offense, but the 49ers are the most impressive team in football.

CMC will run for 120 yards and rush for a touchdown, Brock Purdy will be throwing 240 yards and 2 touchdowns. Patrick Mahomes will throw 300 yards and three touchdowns.

The Final score will be 49ers win 27-24

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