Explaining Growth Mindset
Posted 11/10/2017 04:00PM

Why are we hearing so much about "The Power of Yet" buzzing around Wooster School? Our writing group, Moran's Magical Writers, decided we were going to do a little investigating to find out what the hype is all about.

First, we needed to ask "what is a growth mindset?"

Our interviews began. We interviewed Ms. Higgins who is the Director of Teaching and Learning. She first learned about growth mindset when she was a student at Manhattanville College.

To begin she said, "A growth mindset is to have an open mind, be comfortable making decisions and believe you can excel in any area and we can learn from our mistakes. It is believing in the power of YET," which she referred to a lot.

When she had a tough time in math, she believed she would never be good at it.

She would say, "I am not good at math, I can't do this."

Then she added YET.

"I am just not good YET," and her whole way of thinking changed.

After speaking to many students and teachers we found that most of us have fixed mindsets. We need to add "YET" and then we can shift our mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

We visited Mrs. Felicione's 5th grade class and talked to student Jacob Cotton. He said that when he faces a challenge now he says, "I can't do it but I will."

"When I was in second grade had a fixed mindset and when I came to Wooster I grew a growth mindset," he continued to say.

"For some people they just look at hard things and sigh. I don't anymore. You should look at as an opportunity and challenge to get smarter."

Today, our fellow Wooster students, think about your mindset and the Power of YET. You can do it!!

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